Baker Developers

Partnering with Clients isn’t something we take lightly. We work closely with every member of the team, from architects and interior designers, to advertising agencies, public relations, and legal firms – our influence is widely felt. Clients trust us and partners respect us because we bring an expert understanding of the market and a comprehensive range of services that see the project through from start to finish.

There is strength in numbers.

With over 16,000 Baker Realty Partners around the globe, the industry’s best in every time zone, every continent, every market, our clients always have the best exposure to the international stage.

Baker Real Estate has accomplished over $83 billion in sales, securing themselves as the proven leaders in pre-construction sales and marketing. Driven by innovative strategies and the relentless pursuit of success.


• sales program planning
• sales program management
• market/competition analysis
• database management
• reporting on leads and sales
• consulting on advertising, architecture, public relations, legal
• after-sales service
• Baker proprietary technology

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