by | Jun 14, 2021

And when I say service, I mean communication. When you set out to buy a new home or condominium, you will work with a sales representative who is there to help you transform from shopper to owner in the smoothest way possible. During this journey, communication is key to effectively traversing the various steps involved. From day one, you should expect a level of professionalism on the representative’s part that includes kindness, consideration, honesty and a mutual exchange of questions and answers. The sales rep needs to know what you need and want, and you have to find out what is available as well as pricing, amenities, layouts, closing costs, etc.

The happiest purchasers are the most well-informed shoppers. If there is nothing that interests you in a specific condominium, ask your sales rep if you can be on a list that receives updates on releases. If you have purchased, receiving regular information on sales status and/or construction progress is wonderful.

The other thing to keep in mind is that during the pandemic, we have all done our best to conduct business electronically rather than in person. Be open to what may be new ideas for you, and remember that your sales rep wants just as much as you do to find the right residential or investment choice. Kindness and respect are two-way streets. It may sound trite, but we really are in this together. Owning real estate is still one of the best decisions you will ever make, so make the most of it!