by | Sep 10, 2012

What a glorious time of year this is, with sunshine and warm temperatures beckoning us outdoors. It’s also a wonderful time to shop for a condominium in Toronto and the GTA, especially if you are near the beginning of your search. Take a drive around and about the city in the summer, when the enormous amount of greenery is at its most verdant. You will also see the maturing landscaping of existing condominiums, which will give you some idea about what new buildings in pre-construction will look like once plantings are added and have time to grow.

Canary District Condominiums

Canary District Condominiums

Landscaping adds a lot to the appeal of these residences, which is why builders expend so much effort to create designs that incorporate natural elements. For example, the Canary District Condominiums in the West Don Lands Para / Pan Am Athletes Village community features courtyards as an integral component. Likewise for The Carlaw, being offered by Streetcar Developments in Leslieville.

To help you envision how these and other condominiums will impact Toronto’s residential landscape, look around now, while everything is in beautiful bloom. From pots of flowers on balconies to the full-blown trees, bushes and lawns of condominium courtyards, the effect is exhilarating. Over time, saplings will turn into grand, majestic trees, making our city even more beautiful.