by | Sep 13, 2012

With the advent of the Internet and continually evolving technology, people’s shopping habits have changed dramatically – even those of new condominium shoppers! Nowadays, you can sit at home in your pajamas and educate yourself on potential new home communities before you even set foot in a sales office.

Builders are devoting a lot of resources to create comprehensive websites, where shoppers can browse through home designs, check out features and finishes, find out about the builder’s history, view construction updates, read newsletters and more. At Baker Real Estate Incorporated, we keep our site up to date with news about the various projects we represent as well.

And of course there is social networking – builders and developers are creating Facebook pages for their communities, and homeowners and potential buyers are providing comments and information. Twitter is also a resource for quick, succinct news and updates, and YouTube is a wonderful way to show videos of homeowners, ongoing construction, community celebrations and more. Combine all of that with newspaper homes sections and real estate magazines, and the potential for zeroing in on the perfect new home is more exciting than ever before.

Before making your final decision, however, if at all possible, do visit sales offices in person. Nothing beats seeing, touching and feeling the real thing. Today’s presentation centres are works of art, communicating everything from the ambience of the condominium to the beautiful details. Ideally, anyone looking for a new condominium will do both online and in-person research, benefitting from the best of both worlds!