by | Jun 26, 2012

Over the last few years as the evolution of condominiums across the GTA has reached astounding heights, another lifestyle phenomenon has assumed a major role in how new residences are marketed.  The Internet has had a huge impact. I can remember when 5 per cent of our clients’ registrations came from the web, and now that figure has reached 95 per cent! Nowadays, new home shoppers can research what is available in the locations they desire while sitting in their pajamas in their own homes. Builders and developers place tremendous resources into developing web presences and providing information that can be updated with a few keystrokes.

And social media has truly arrived! Facebook, Twitter, Google+ … people are connecting on an electronic level never seen before. They share information and comments on everything, including the homes and communities of interest.

With so many buyers having a voice through these networking tools, the opportunity to zero in on just the right condominium is greatly increased. An important factor in marketing in the 21st century, social networking takes communication to the grassroots level. And people of all ages are getting on board. They can usually find Facebook pages and Twitter accounts to follow for specific condos and developers. Industry professionals connect through sites such as LinkedIn.

All of this is a remarkable tool for those of us who are passionate about matching people up with just the right new condominium to fulfill their needs. With the Internet, we have just about everything at our fingertips – yet another lifestyle dimension that has changed the way we interact.