by | May 1, 2012

The Carlaw

What a wonderful variety of condominium suites we have available to buyers today! Among the many choices are loft designs, which satisfy the lifestyle choice of purchasers who appreciate open concept at its finest. The terms “soft loft” and “hard loft” are used to distinguish between designs that include smooth finishes and those featuring concrete ceilings and/or floors, exposed bricks and plumbing.

We are seeing fewer hard lofts nowadays, as so many existing buildings have already been transformed into condominiums. These homes in the sky are essentially wide open spaces with little built-in delineation of rooms. Owners have done some fabulous things to define certain areas by adding area rugs and furniture groupings that designate their use. The kitchen, living and dining areas may be completely open, and there may be a second level with a stairway to the loft. In these cases, the bedroom may overlook the main area – and with floor-to-ceiling windows, the effect on the walling is absolutely stunning.

The point is, you have the choice to make these areas what you want. Maybe you’d like the office/den on the mezzanine level. Think of today’s two-storey lofts as a hybrid – like a townhome but on an upper floor as opposed to ground level.

Two examples of condominiums that offer loft living are The Carlaw in Leslieville and 8 Gladstone on Queen Street West – both by Streetcar Developments. At The Carlaw, owners will enjoy striking 9-foot exposed concrete ceilings, engineered hardwood flooring, ultra-modern kitchens and bathrooms with stone countertops, and frosted glass sliding doors to the bedrooms. Some of the lofts at 8 Gladstone are two-storey penthouses with rooftop terraces and skylights.

If you have lofty ideas about condominium living, consider buying a one- or two-storey loft design. You will have all the advantages of the amenities in the building, and you can choose what surroundings appeal to you most.