by | Apr 26, 2012

The new home marketplace today offers tremendous opportunities for buyers. Competition is strong, and builders continually come up with incentives to sway purchases their way. This can work well for you, provided that you evaluate the incentives carefully. All things being equal, these deals may be the deciding factor in your final choice.

One example is the cashback, which helps with the bottom line on closing. Even when a new home purchase is exciting, it is also stressful, so this break can be a welcome relief. You will often see the incentive in the form of so many thousands of dollars in free upgrades. This is especially nice when it comes time for your colour selection, and you fall in love with the first level of upgrade on granite or marble countertops.

Of course, incentives are just one element in your buying decision. You will most likely have already chosen your location before you look at incentives. You know your budget and you have shopped the competition. Keep in mind that usually incentives come after quite a few suites have been sold, so you may not have the full choice of designs, sizes and views. However, they can still increase your value greatly.

Incentives may vary widely, but what most of them have in common is limited-time availability. Whatever your needs in a condominium, you want the most for your money. Incentives can help you achieve that goal.