by | Mar 6, 2012

I do a lot of writing on why condominiums offer such a great lifestyle option for individuals and families of all ages and circumstances. In fact, owning a condominium suite can also be the perfect solution for multinational corporations that have business executives flying into Toronto and the GTA for meetings on a regular, or even semi-regular basis.

At Baker Real Estate Incorporated, we get a lot of inquiries about this scenario, especially in the Financial District, where so many of our bankers, lawyers, stock brokers and other professionals have offices. They are looking into acquiring furnished condominiums in good locations. In addition to being cost effective when compared to renting rooms in top-quality hotel, putting up colleagues in a condominium suite gives travelers more of a sense of “home” than in a hotel room, no matter how luxurious it may be.

In a condo suite, a visiting businessperson has more privacy with a separate bedroom, flexibility of dining possibilities with a full kitchen in which to prepare food, a main living area that is spacious and comfortable, as well as the use of the building’s amenities. And we all know that today, those facilities in condos are absolutely gorgeous.

The ever-versatile condominium continues to delight and fascinate me – and obviously the majority of the new home-buying marketplace, considering the huge market share condos currently command. For a weary traveler, a condo suite can be a wonderful place to call “home” while away on a business trip!