by | Nov 14, 2011

Condominium shoppers find a multitude of choices across the Greater Toronto Area, which means there is a good chance they will find the residence that fits their needs and budget to a tee. One benefit of purchasing new is selecting a building that has the best move-in date for you. While one building is under construction, another is occupying, yet others are pre-registering, and some have just launched sales. As you explore the many choices, you will find everything from newly introduced condos with occupancies slated for two or three years down the road to completed buildings with immediate move-ins available. Depending on your life circumstances, you can select a condo that works well with your plans.

Often first-time buyers appreciate purchasing early in the condominium cycle, as they get the best prices and have plenty of time to save money before they move in. They can also look around leisurely for multi-purpose furniture that will help them make the most of their square footage. Empty-nesters looking to downsize may also appreciate a longer occupancy date, as it gives them more time to sell their existing home. On the other hand, buyers who are ready to move may find the perfect suite in a completed building – and they have the benefit of not having to wait to start their exciting new life.

Of course, the occupancy date is only one aspect involved in your decision to buy a condo, but isn’t it great to know you have so many possibilities?