by | Oct 3, 2011

To say that the demand for new condominiums in Montreal is picking up is an understatement! The real estate situation in that beautiful city is currently similar to what we experienced in Toronto about eight years ago, when the condo market was beginning take off. Many Montreal residents are fed up with commuting long distances, and they are focusing on the city centre as where they want to live as well as work. Former Montrealer Debbie Lafave and I traveled there several times to take the pulse of the marketplace, and we realized that the growth is staggering. In fact, there are so many opportunities with residential condominiums in Montreal, that Baker Real Estate recently registered a branch there called Immobiler Baker!

We are tremendously excited about this expansion, and we are already servicing clients in that gorgeous city. It’s easy to understand why the whole world loves Montreal. The city has a European flavour, a character that is unique in the Canadian landscape. It has become a centre for style, fashion, culture, shopping and culture. One example of the incredible artistic opportunities there is “The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk” – the first international exhibition of this French couturier’s work. It was recently on at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and it was absolutely spectacular.

Montreal is also a city of chic boutique hotels. We stayed in the fabulous Hôtel Nelligan, which is over a century old and defines European elegance with its French cuisine and impeccable service. The city is undergoing a renaissance with new restaurants and shops being added, and it remains one of the most economical places to live in North America. Whether you are planning a move to Montreal, or you travel there often for business or pleasure, now is the time to look for a condominium as your home or pied-à-terre. Check the Baker Real Estate website for updates. www.baker-re.com