by | Oct 19, 2011

Something I rarely see addressed in the media is the fact that developers of new condominium buildings incorporate many design features that assist those with special needs. For example, did you know that one suite on every floor has to include a barrier-free design that can accommodate a wheelchair turning radius? And that several spaces close to the elevators in parking garages are designated handicapped for those who require ease of accessibility?

Plus, by design, a condominium is a wise choice for anyone who is physically challenged. Your living space is usually all on one floor, so there are no steps to navigate. Amenities are only an elevator ride away, enabling you to access fitness equipment, party rooms, pools, billiards and more without leaving the building. And of course, the concierge is always there to help you with packages, arranging for cabs, and generally making everyday life more pleasant.

Whether you are in a wheelchair, use a walker or cane, or simply have creaky knees, a two-storey home may be too much to handle. Consider going condo for a more comfortable lifestyle.