by | Jul 15, 2011

As we come out of the recent recession, many homeowners are still feeling the financial pinch, and traveling for summer holidays may not be an option. The term “staycation” has been coined to represent people staying home during their holiday time and finding things to do that make them feel like they’re on vacation. For condominium owners, it’s easy, as resort-style living is an everyday occurrence.

So many of today’s condos offer amenities and services similar to a resort. It all starts with the freedom from worrying about building maintenance, repairs and upkeep, which all contribute to the holiday “mood.” Then add on the simply fabulous amenities within these buildings, and really – who could ask for more? There are swimming pools, whirlpools, saunas, outdoor terraces with gorgeous landscaping, rooftop terraces with barbecue areas, water features, seating arrangements, virtual golf, theatres, party rooms … when you live in a condominium, a mini-vacation is always just an elevator ride away! And best of all, someone else maintains, repairs and cleans these luxurious areas.

If your condo is beside the lake, even better. And if you are fortunate enough to live on top of a 5-star hotel, you have the ultimate in vacation-style living at your fingertips, with access to things like housekeeping services, valet parking and room service. The amenities in condominiums really do expand your lifestyle potential far beyond the square footage of the suite.

And when you do choose to go away on vacation, that holiday feeling begins the moment you lock the door to your condo suite and leave, knowing your home will be protected and looked after.