by | Jul 15, 2011

Summer is such a gorgeous season in Toronto, with our lovely parks and green spaces all lush with various shades foliage and brilliantly coloured flowers. This is a wonderful time to take a drive and notice how much attention today’s developers pay to landscaping condominiums. Look at existing buildings and see for yourself the effect that landscaping has on softening the urban streetscape and creating oases for condo residents in the form of courtyards, garden terraces and green roofs. This natural beauty plays a key role in creating a stunning first impression people have when they walk by, drive by or enter these buildings.

To accomplish this beautiful goal, developers take their cue from our fabulous parklands. In fact, did you know that Toronto encompasses more than 4 million trees across our ravines, in our parks and cemeteries, in our public gardens and lining our boulevards? And that’s not counting the additional 6 million situated on private property!

I get so excited when I see the landscaping plans being presented for future condominiums. Even with compact spaces, there is so much that can be done to add greenery and colour in creative pots. This design element is just another thing that makes it so comforting to come home to a spectacular new condominium.