by | May 26, 2011

As I was driving in the GTA this week, I noticed that yard sale season is in full bloom. There are signs posted on corners and telephone poles, and people are browsing through tables of knickknacks, furniture items, clothing and all sorts of other merchandise to find treasures. It reminded me that this is a great way for condominium purchasers to downsize their possessions and prepare for a move from a house to a suite.

If you find yourself in this situation and have never held a yard/garage sale, maybe you would like to consider it. People certainly love these sales, and in a way, these events are a wonderful form of recycling. In addition, the money you make can go toward things like closing costs, or even buying new items that fit with your convenient condo lifestyle. You may sell a large dining room set, for example, and opt to purchase one of the modern coffee tables with a swing-up top that can serve as a dining table and save a tremendous amount of space.

Yard sales take work, but they can also be a lot of fun. Enlist family members or friends to help, and enjoy chatting with the “shoppers” who come your way. You will make some money, and maybe even some new friends during the process.

There are several other ways to de-clutter, of course. People often give away possessions to their family and friends, which is another way to recycle. Heirlooms and cherished items can be welcome additions in the homes of those who mean a lot to you. Whether they are jewelry pieces, antiques, appliances, toys or household accessories, wouldn’t it be lovely to know that someone you love will be using and appreciating these items? Your cast-offs can also be donated to charity shops, which is also a great way to pass things along. And of course, there is the trash can for items that are beyond salvage – and who doesn’t have a few of those hanging around?

Condominium buyers tell us all the time at Baker Real Estate Incorporated that they have more “stuff” than they can fit into their streamlined new suites. Those who finally move in after de-cluttering also say that the process of weeding out their possessions was satisfying. Whether it’s a yard sale, charity donation, family gift or the trash can, use every avenue at your disposal to make a fresh new start in your beautiful condominium suite!