by | Mar 27, 2011

I love condominium living all year long, but I am particularly grateful during March and April, when temperatures fluctuate, precipitation can be rain, snow or both, and damp cold penetrates right through to my bones. And isn’t the weather messy for driving and living in general this time of year, as we move from winter to spring?

Low-rise homeowners are dealing with a messy mélange of snow, ice and rain in their driveways, as well as icicles melting off their roofs and ice damming up their eaves troughs. And then there are the challenges of commuting during the morning hours before snow plows are out in full force. Those who live in condominiums avoid a lot of this mess.

For one thing, building maintenance is taken care of for them, as part of their maintenance fees. Most condo residents will tell you this nicety is worth its weight in gold – especially as we move from winter to spring. No shoveling snow and trying to find new spots for snow banks for them. Companies who provide those services handle them in the background so residents can enjoy the gorgeous amenities inside their buildings.

In addition, condo residents who live on or near the subway can simply hop onto public transit, crack open a book and leave the driving to someone else. And if your condominium has a car share program, you can book a vehicle when you need it. You truly have the best of both worlds.

And let’s talk about aesthetics. Most everything is black, white and grey right now. The current change of seasons brings with it the necessity of cleaning up gardens and landscaping features that have been covered with snow for months and preparing them for spring. Again, condominium residents enjoy the fruits of that labour without having to do it themselves. When you choose condominium living, you can say good-bye to the pre-spring blahs!