by | Mar 10, 2011

I am continually amazed at the explosion of decorating shows on television and décor magazines on our newsstands. People today have come to realize just how important our surroundings can be to our happiness, and yes, even our health. There is an entire psychology of colour that explains how different hues can affect our moods and wellbeing.

Through all these shows and publications, interior designers have come into a new realm of stardom, greatly because of the popularity of condominiums. We have a whole new audience of homeowners who are realizing that great big, old-fashioned furnishings do not necessarily work in more compact suites. They want new, streamlined, space-effective, multi-purpose furniture, and manufacturers are rising to the challenge with gorgeous choices that are both stunning and practical. We have even seen the re-emergence of Murphy beds that fold up into the wall when not in use.

Condominium suites may be smaller, but they offer better and more efficient layouts than ever before. Designers also understand how to select colours and appointments that make these spaces live much larger than theirs square footages, and condominium owners are eager for this information. If you have purchased a condo, the design consultant at your colour selection appointment will guide you through the choices to maximize your layout. You can also tour model suites for ideas, and of course, watch those television shows and read magazines and newspapers with decorating sections. Cut out photos of items and “looks” that you like and bring them along when you choose your features and finishes.

Condominiums offer a new way of living that has superb benefits, including spectacular amenities that are in essence extensions of your living space. Watch, listen, and be creative. You can make your condominium suite your own personal castle, no matter what its size.